Welcome to MADAP’s documentation!

This documentation is generated from the MADAP source code. It is intended to be used by developers and users of MADAP.

What is MADAP?

This is MADAP, a software package for the analysis of electrochemical data. This package consists of 3 main classes for analysis:

  • Voltammetry

  • Impedance spectroscopy

  • Arrhenius

This package allows user to upload any common file format of data and the select the data of choice. The user can use to scientifically plot and get correspondence analysis from each procedure (i.e. by calling “eis_analysis” , Nyquist, bode as well as the correspondence equivalent circuit and its parameters will be drawn). This package can be installed via pip/conda and can be utilized with a GUI, command line or just directly importing the module in a python script. For more information, checkout the pypi package page and the github page where you can find the source code and releases.

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